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TEL .07845 957271    

Summer Bank Studios,

SummerBank House,

38 High Street ,

Tunstall ,

Stoke On Trent,



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Welcome to Summerbank Studios......


..the largest music performance facility in the area...


We offer our services at unbeatable prices so you can get the sound you want.


For the recording artist we have a great sounding live recording room, individual booths an isolated vocal booth and a large control room.


We have a large private car park for our customers to use.


We use Protools HD PcIe


We specialise in Bands, solo musicians and vocalists, and can produce demos or radio play finished masters.


We have range of fantastic equipment for you to use to complement your own gear.... and pride ourselves on meeting the artists needs to the highest possible standards.


Summerbank Studios is the biggest facility in the Staffordshire area and our engineer/producer Paul has 30 years experience of playing in, recording and producing bands. He can answer you queries on producing your material or arrangements for your songs, he's the one to ask.


For those of you wanting to hone your sound we have a great range of rehearsal rooms available


All the rooms come complete with a full quality P.A, mics and stands and all have the benefit of natural light. They are all acoustically treated and you can hire a large range of guitars, cabs and amps and full or part drum kits.



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